That time when I finished the Bible.

This morning, September 29th at 7:23 am, I finished reading the bible for the very first time. Not going to lie, I am pretty proud, it feels like an incredible accomplishment and it has been an incredible journey, a journey that is only just beginning. It has been one of the best, and yet most difficult commitments. But what a humbling and satisfying one.

The Plan: Every Day in the Word
This plan was to be completed in a year. I had chosen this particular plan because the amount of daily reading was manageable and had me in the old testament, new testament Psalms and Proverbs everyday, and repeated the book of Psalms twice. Being in the old and new testament allowed me to see the characteristics of our never changing God and the extent of His grace simultaneously in the new and old testament. Other daily reading plans can be found here.

The time: November 18th 2014 – September 23rd 2016
It has taken me a little under two years to complete this reading. Looking back in my journals, I can see where I was really thirsting for the word of God – when some of my readings took up two pages in my journal, and other days when I could hardly fill a page,. There were days where I was desperately trying to find a verse that would speak to me that day. Other times there were dates where weeks had gone by without reading, and where reading was scarce, forced, and was done simply so I could colour in the box. Then there were the days where time ran out, and I had barely touched on the first passage for the day, completely indulging in the word of the Lord, mesmerized by every verse, word and captivated by the truth. I am incredibly thankful that the Holy Spirit has given me the need and the thirst that can only be filled by the word of God.

The routine: Or lack thereof. Some days, I woke early, at 5:30am or 6:00 and spent time reading the word, other days it was the last thing I did before I went to bed. There was a period of time where I spent my lunch and prep as a supply teacher reading in an empty staffroom. Routine was stable for a couple of weeks or months, but then would change as circumstances and life changed with it.

The tools: Bible (ESV STUDY), pens, notebook and plan.
I used both the ESV study bible, and the online version (both the same). The online version came free when I was given the ESV study bible almost 6 years ago now. But it helped when I was at school or not at home, to have a mobile version with me. I am also a stationary junkie, I joke (but not really) that when I die, all they are going to find are me and my journals with my pens (and now washi tape). I looked forward to filling in my journals, and using my stationary, it encouraged me to do my readings (at first) and then it was simply the Holy Spirit that gave me the craving for His word.

Tip: I am no expert – evidenced by the fact that it took me two years to finish a one year plan. Pick a plan and stick to it. Like many, Genesis is the most read book of the bible in my repertoire. Print out the plan and have a tangible copy that can be ticked or checked off when the daily reading is completed. Cause sometimes, the small things can make one feel quite accomplished. bibleplan

Grace and Discipline: There were days where I was too gracious with myself, but then there were days where I just couldn’t and all I felt was guilt that I hadn’t yet spent time with the Lord. Be gracious enough so as to not be discouraged. It is okay to miss a day, it isn’t the end of the world, do not feel the necessity to catch up – stick with the plan, and open the bible tomorrow. But when there is time, and you do not feel like reading, do it anyway. There is power in the word of God, and never underestimate how the Holy Spirit can and will work even when you are not “feeling it”.

What’s next?
My mind is tinkering between two different things at this moment.
Harvest 20s&30s is about to start a month long journey into Philippians
Or a FREE study with Jen Wilkin in the book of Hebrews: free audio and workbook.

And they demolished the pillar of Baal, and demolished the house of Baal, and made it a LATRINE to this day.  – 2 Kings 10:27.  The bible is full of gems.



Once it was the blessing,
Now it is the Lord;
Once it was the feeling,
Now it is His Word.
Once His gifts i wanted,
Now the Giver own;
Once I sought for healing,
Now Himself alone.

Once ’twas painful trying,
Now ’tis perfect trust;
Once a half salvation,
Now the uttermost.
Once ’twas ceaseless holding,
Now He holds me fast;
Once ’twas constant drifting,
Now my anchor’s cast.

Once ’twas busy planning
Now ’tis trustful prayer;
Once ’twas anxious caring,
Now He has the care.
Once ’twas what i wanted
Now what Jesus says;
Once ’twas constant asking,
Now ’tis ceaseless praise.

Once it was my working,
His it hence shall be;
Once I tried to use Him,
Now He uses me.
Once the power I wanted,
Now the Mighty One;
Once for self I labored,
Now for Him alone.

Once I hoped in Jesus,
Now I know He’s mine;
Once my lamps were dying,
Now they brightly shine.
Once for death I waited,
Now His coming hail;
And my hopes are anchored
Safe within the veil.

– A.B. Simpson

*Read on Sept 3rd in Transforming Prayer by Daniel Henderson*

Always Good.

Thursday, September 1st: If I was going to secure an interview, it was going to be today. There were two full work days left before the start of school. “Was I going to be in the top 5? Was my number going to be high enough? Would I be able to excitedly start setting up my classroom before the start of school? Should I have applied for that .33 job in hindsight? Who else has gotten hired? Am I the only one?” Those questions flooded my mind as I waited by the phone, skeptical to make last minute plans with friends in hopes that I would be called for an interview. I was hopeful, not unrealistically so – I want to work with that team, I want to greet the students I love as they get off the bus and pass through those doors. I want God to use me in that place again.

I have been praying for His will to be done (my mouth more than my heart)- but yet secretly hoping that by praying that, God would give me what I most wanted. Who was I kidding? He’s God – he knows my affections, my thoughts, the intentions of my heart. He sees right through my inauthentic prayers filled with flowery words and secret wishes. Was I truly ready and willing to submit and obey the Lord in every sense of the word – where He leads, I will follow? I hoped so, I truly couldn’t answer the question to that. Easier said than done.

I felt the need yesterday to walk, literally walk with the Lord- I put my running shoes on, plugged my earbuds in, and walked. And while I walked, I talked to the Lord, I prayed, I cried, I smiled, I worshipped, I sang – aloud. (Aside: off tune singing while panting around the neighbourhood receives its fair share of judgemental looks.) Five kilometres and an album later, I looked at my watch: 4:41pm. The day was over, the phone hadn’t rang, there was no interview.

But from my walk, came the following:
1) If my hope is Christ alone, If where you are is where I’m home, if knowing you is my delight, if in God alone I’m satisfied… Then break this old heart of stone, start a fire in these broken bones, Convince my heart at last, Come tell me of all I have in you – God of Ages Past.

2) My identity is NOT in a number, but Christ who holds the power. 
Where there was sin, Your loved rushed in, Where sin runs deep, Your grace runs deeper. For all enslaved, the ransom paid, light of the world, yours is the power.  – Seas of Crimson

3) I believe in God the Father, I believe in Christ the Son, I believe in the Holy Spirit, Our God is three-in-one. I believe in the resurrection, that we will rise again, for I believe in the name of Jesus.  – This I believe (The Creed)

4) My goal is not a job for a semester, or even for a year. But to know the Lord and imitate Christ. Would I give all I have just to know Him?
Oh to be like You, Give all I have just to know You. Jesus, there’s no one besides You, Forever the hope in my heart – Scandal of Grace (This is where we started having volume and pitch issues) 

5) Jesus, He loves me, He is for me.  – Jesus loves me (Chris Tomlin)

6) I want to imitate and emanate Christ.
Above and below me, Before and behind me, in every eye that sees me, Christ be all around me.  – Christ be all around me (All Sons and Daughters)

7) It’s your breath in my lungs, so I pour out my praise to YOU ONLY.  – Great are you Lord

I meditated on those songs yesterday, sang those words and God highlighted the words that stood out to me the most. I have been listening to this album on repeat x infinity x everyday. Shane & Shane: The Worship Initiative.  (<– Go listen to it… do it, NOW!)

Today: It was 7 o’clock in the morning, I logged onto the website and viewed my job application history. That job that I hoped for, the job that I wanted. Filled. NOT BY ME. I am disappointed and saddened, slightly anxious and yet I know – that God is going to use me somewhere else for His glory. My hope is not gone, my joy is not gone, because I am (trying) to hope in the Lord, and He is the source of my joy. I do not have a job for the first day of school. I do not have a job (yet) for the semester. But I am still called to obey, to work for and to live for the glory of God. He is faithful and he is ALWAYS GOOD.


love & fear

When I was younger and brought a new friend home, my parents would always ask me if they were a christian. If I had said no, they would suggest that  I bring them to church, resulting in an argument from me, not wanting me to impose my values, beliefs or at that time ‘religion’ onto my new found friends. I grew up thinking that my parents thought that it was better to go to church, that it was ‘better’ to have christian friends, a ‘holier than thou’, better than you perspective if you will. 

Only now as an adult, as I ask friends and co-workers to come to church with me – do I realize that it is a product of love, and a matter of life and death. I wish I had the boldness and fearlessness of a young child, unafraid and willing to share opinions, reasons, and truth. Now in my adult years, my fear is plagued by the opinions of others – what will people think of me, will I be able to share the gospel effectively, will the result of differences result in a broken friendship? These questions, while prominent and extremely relevant in my life demonstrate and signify how my fear of man is larger than my fear of God – and how often I simply underestimate the power and saving grace of the Holy Spirit.

I am constantly afraid to offend, afraid that I will no longer be ‘liked’. I am afraid to point out truth, and instead, allow for the gospel, and God’s word to be portrayed as a difference of beliefs. I cower at the thoughts and judgements of men, rather than stand in reverent awe of the Lord, the gospel and His miraculous ways. Throughout these past weeks, God has consistently pointed out my inabilities, only to find that my only abilities and strength is through Him and found in Him. I need to fear only Him, and my identity is found IN Him, not in the thoughts of others. I walk away from lunch dates thinking “I should have said this” or “I should have done that”. But it’s not me who saves, but the incredible power and work of a Sovereign God.

For those of you who have ventured this far and have not stopped reading because you realized this was a post about God, please continue reading, because whatever I am writing is a product of love, both the love I have for you, and the love that Christ has given us. I love you & more importantly God loves you. I may not have the strength or the ability to share the gospel with you effectively in person, or even effectively now as I try to write it here. My intention is not to point out differences of opinion, but to share the TRUTH.

God is the creator of the earth and the universe. He is perfect, and he has created us in His image – so that we can bring him glory and be in relationship with Him. But because we are born sinners, our sin (disobedience to God) has separated us from Him, the penalty for our sin condemns us to eternal death in hell. BUT Jesus, God’s son, was perfect, sinless and the ultimate sacrifice. His death paid the price for all of our sins (past, present, and future) of those who believe in Him. He resurrected from the dead, and sits at the right hand of God, His sacrifice accepted as payment for our sins, and we are forgiven. As a result, we need to believe in Christ, acknowledge, confess and repent of our sins (turn away from sin and turn to God in faith). Being in relationship with Him – set free from sin and looking to Christ as our reward and Saviour.  This isn’t a matter of opinion or a difference of beliefs, but of truth and a matter of life and death. I love you and would love to talk to you about any of this.

For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you as an example, so that you might follow in his steps. He committed no sin, neither was deceit found in his mouth. when he was reviled, he did not revile in return; when he suffered, he did not threaten but continued entrusting himself to him who judges justly. He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.” – 1 Peter 2: 21-24


I was up until two o clock last night, tossing and turning, and then up again at 5:30. I started googling “Can Christian girls ask out boys?” Humorous isn’t it? And of course in a round about fashion, scanning article after article, my question was never answered, but I was left in more confusion and asking more questions. “Was this in obedience to Christ? Is this selfish?” – the list goes on. I woke up from the little sleep with determination, conviction and confidence – I’m going to do it today, I’m going to ask…I’m going to tell him, and then I talked to my mom. 

It is taking more strength for me to do nothing and to say nothing. I am praying, I am praying hard. Not just for what I want, but for the will of the Lord to be done. I would be ecstatic if He would oblige me, but He is God – I receive barrels of His grace freely every day, all I want is to be obedient to Him. And that was my new struggle: my head and my heart was both pulling me in the same direction – BUT MY MOM, she was pulling me in the other. All of a sudden the grey area became more black and white, doing this – telling him that I am interested in him, and wanting to get to know him – would have been going against the will of my mom – not that I haven’t ever disobeyed my mom, because I likely disobey her daily as well (hence the barrels of grace), but the bible does say to respect and obey your parents. She said that she needs time – so time is what I am giving her.

So here I am, writing, or as I put it, stalling? because my heart and my head want to do something, and yet my mom wants me to do something different. She is telling me to wait. So I continue  to wait slightly on my mom, but more so on the Lord, knowing that this is testing my patience, and my endurance. It is taking me much more strength to do nothing, than to type a few words and press enter. It is taking me more strength and more patience to trust in Him, knowing that this was part of His plan to begin with. Man, I’m a mess now, could you imagine if I didn’t have Jesus?

Farewell Olympics.

The Rio Olympics 2016 are over today. As I say a short prayer, and even indulge in a moment of reflective silence, I say goodbye to the endless hours of entertainment, that could be found on 16 different livestreams the CBC website, allowing me to enjoy, any sport at any time, on any day. 

This is the first summer that I haven’t worked, and the first summer that I have limitless access to internet and to a television. And thus, the first summer, where I was able to finally enjoy the olympics in all of its glory. I watched young (Canadian) women swim for gold, feeling a little inadequate as my twenty six year old self sat in the glory of doom of pending unemployment. I watched as Degrasse and Bolt shared a loving look as they crossed the finish line in the 200m Mens semi-final, Rosie McClennan twist and fly in the air as she took the gold for trampoline, the first Singaporean ever to win a Gold medal (and a million dollars) and I also watched our Canadian divers as they missed the bronze by a hair.

I admit, I may have been guilty of skipping past some other international olympians, only to stop and cheer our Canadians on. Except when it came to Gymnastics, because when it all starts to look the same to you, why not just watch the best of the best, in other words the Americans and the Chinese, (If you do not know what I am talking about, go youtube Simon Biles, and thank me later). From synchronized swimming, to Synchronized diving, and when there was nothing else synchronized that I could watch, I watched everything else (minus soccer, rugby, horses, archery, and anything that involves fighting – you get the idea!)

As much as I love the Olympics, I also loathe the amount of money that is spent in preparation for the event, money that could be poured out into so many different and more beneficial areas. I wonder what is next for the olympians after they are past the prime age in their sport, was all the time spent training in vain, especially if they didn’t medal? I could delve more into whatever thoughts enter my mind, but what really stood out to me these Olympics were two American men: Steele Johnson and David Boudia.

After earning their silver medal, they gave glory not to themselves, but to Christ, stating that “Their identity is rooted in Christ, not in what the result of the competition is.” in an interview with NBC. What an incredible encouragement in the midst of competition, pressure, to show glory and praise to God. What a way to make the Lord known, than to broadcast it to millions of people across the nation. Not only did they please and praise the Lord with their words, but before the interview and in learning that they had learned they received the silver medal, they prayed with their coaches. Below is a screenshot of what was shown on CBC, various teams were happy and celebratory, but this American duo (with their coach shown below) rejoiced in the Lord through thanksgiving, worship and prayer. I was so encouraged by this, that I had to take a screen shot of it and share.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 9.35.34 AM

The Lord used two divers, to encourage many, and to glorify Him in front of the nations. Oh that the Lord be praised for livestreams and screenshots as well ; )

The closing ceremony airs tonight at 7pm. Not sure yet if I will be tuning in, mainly because it is never that great, and I’m in denial that it is over. In addition to this, I must also prepare for the for the Rio Paralympics 2016: opening ceremony – September 7th.

3. The feeling

Dear beloved,

I think I am struggling with God – not with unbelief, but with experiencing Him passionately. It feels like I am standing in a splash pad with no running water. I know what I am supposed to be doing – I am ready, dressed and willing, and yet there is no flowing water.

Last week in Romania, we sat in  a packed van and sang our hearts out to the Lord our God, after seeing the way that he worked in the gypsy camp. We left the van and almost all of the girls were in tears – experiencing the depth and the works of the Holy Spirit on their hearts. My eyes were dry, not a tear in sight. I wanted to cry, I wanted to feel the works of the Holy Spirit working in me again. He is working in me, I am learning and my heart is being changed, and yet I don’t feel that passion or that conviction. Rather I feel the heaviness of my prideful heart, while I long for the tears of emotion.

I am searching for that feeling, the feeling of experiencing God and being overwhelmed by his presence. I know that I am wrong to think that this feeling can be fulfilled by you, or by watching a romantic comedy, and yet I would rather numb my mind and gravitate to mindless entertainment than finding rest and meditation in His word. Reading the bible has lately become a box that I check daily and a page that I fill in my notebook. I have read the word and yet where is the obedience and fruit?

I feel lukewarm. I know it is a job that only the Holy Spirit can complete. I need to get down on my knees and yet, I do not know what I would say.

I am a sinner. He loves me. And I am redeemed. Of this I am sure. I can’t seem to articulate much else.


Your Beloved


I stood in the office today seeing everyone line up to give their keys back. A sense of DejaVu hit me, as I remembered the familiar picture 10 months ago when we were crowding that same office, lining up so that we could open the doors to our classroom. Little did I know that I would leave a workplace with a complete feeling of belonging, a sadness that if I don’t come back here, I will be missing something great. 

I look back at this year, and I can’t put my finger on what was great, what stood out or what was simply amazing. There is no one thing that stands out to me. Truth is, the past 10 months have been truly exceptional. I am an only child who has been spoiled by her parents, with relations across the world in Singapore. This year, I had the privilege of being part something bigger – a feeling that I am unable to describe. I sit here trying to navigate my mind to search for the words that I am looking for, but can’t seem to pick just one. So the word “family” will have to do.

I don’t think its healthy to love a job as much as I do. It simply doesn’t seem right to enjoy your job this much, or to be able to laugh daily until you cry. And yet this is what the year has been like. This year has been filled with joy, rejoicing, praise, gratefulness, and laughter.  Granted it has also been a year of stubbornness, annoyance, frustration and anger. It hasn’t dawned on me yet that this year is over. Perhaps because I don’t want it to be.

I wonder when I will see these students again- when I will be asked to change the calendar, cover the time with a post-it, sing a Barney song, or escort a student to the ALE room. When I will dance and sway back and forth or have my hand tickled. When I will chase the student back into his room, or be greeted with a “good morning” even though its 2 o’clock in the afternoon. When my hand will be smelled after a high five, or when I have to wonder if those hands are clean. When she runs into my arms, not deliberately, but simply because she cannot stop. When he smiles and tilts his head, grinning, making me wonder what he is really thinking about. When she sticks her hands out because she wants to be massaged or when he looks at my spider man USB with envy. When she turns her head to the sound of my voice, or when I will be greeted with “Hi Ms. Goldy”. When permission is asked for a hug, or when a hand lying innocently by your side gets grasped with joy and laughter. When will I see these students who I care so dearly for? And that is when it hits me. 

I may not know what is coming in the following year. But I know that I have been incredibly blessed to have experienced this one. There was not one person today that I was glad to say goodbye to, speaking greatly of the incredible people that I work with. When the people you have known for 10 months know more about you than some that you have known for 10 years, I know that I can say with authority that I have been truly blessed and privileged to work here.

We sat in the cafeteria in a large circle scattered with maroon shirts, wedged sandals and summer dresses. Noses were sniffling and eyes were watering as people shared about what they were thankful for and appreciative of that year. Love is a powerful thing. I can say for certain that this place was full of it. Thank you for loving me. 

What they taught me.

I have spent the year immersed in a classroom with 3 wonderful TAs, and 6 students – 4 who have autism and 2 who have Down’s Syndrome. This is what I have learned.

Forgiveness. He pinched her, and it hurt. But minutes later, he came to her for help in zipping up his jacket. Without hesitating, she jumped to his aid. 

FriendshipShe does not like to hold hands. But the moment she goes on a walk, she grabs hers, and holds her hand until the very end. Only the very best of friends walk together and hold hands.

Boldness. He got down on one knee at the dance, he took out the ring, and asked her to be his girlfriend. She said yes. 

HumourHe pretends to drink our coffee, and gives us bunny ears when he takes a picture. He chuckles to himself, his friend chuckles with him. We all start chuckling together. 

PersistenceIt was May 1st. The calendar was still on April. This did not bode well. She asked and asked. Then she asked again. She pleaded and whined. She got what she wanted, and my sanity was kept in check. 

Gentleness. ‘How old is Ms. Goh?’ she asked. ‘ You know how old I am.’ I responded. ‘twenty five!’ she exclaimed. She grinned and tilted her head as she gently and carefully brushed my hair out of my face. 

Frustration. She asked to go to the bathroom. We could hear the muffled screaming and crying through the bathroom door. She lay on the ground, stomping her feet, releasing the frustration that she must have been feeling. 

Obedience. ‘Change please!’ She said as she handed him his shorts. So he did – he immediately pulled his pants down in front of the open windows where the busses were idling. 

Compassion. The wind was blowing and tears streamed down my face. ‘Uh Oh, Tears!’ she exclaimed, as she moved her hands below my glasses and gently wiped away my tears. 

Remorse. She had hit her. She had hit her hard. Immediate anxiety set in, knowing that she had hurt someone that she had loved. ‘Sorry, so sorry’ she said repetitively as she blew kisses, in hopes that all would be better. 

Self-controlThe name written in white board marker was wiping off. It was not complete, it needed to be rubbed off completely. ‘Leave it’, they said. So she left it. But she did not forget about it. 

Curiosity. There was a surprise under every day of our calendar. She grinned, hands & fingers waving in front of her face.  We watched her smile gleefully as she sneakily read what was under every flap. 

Mischief‘Hello?’ he says. He’s home – calling the school on a P.D. day. ‘Hello! How are you!?’ I ask. ‘Good!’ he responds. ‘What are you up to?’ I counter. Seconds pass, and I hear a click. The line is dead. 

Enthusiasm. ‘Who would like to do the calendar today?’ I asked. She flings her hand up in the air. Waves her arm from side to side, and is just about standing up. ‘Me… ME!’ She exclaims. 

Tenderness. He sat on the couch, took her hand, laced his fingers with hers and sat looking out the window. 

Patience. The chocolate cupcakes that we had baked were sitting on the counter. Frosted and edible. He must have asked 10 times that day “Excuse me, may I have chocolate cake puhleaseee?”. But he waited until the next day – chocolate cupcakes, macaroni & cheese, popcorn was his reward. 

Joy. He laughed and laughed. He stopped. Then he burst out into laughter again. He ran back and forth in the cafeteria. He stopped in front of the staff, waved his fingers and ran away, laughing again. 

Love. ‘I have two families’ he says, ‘one at home. And one here.’ 

And they didn’t have to go to teacher’s college. What a year. What an incredible year.