I am imperfect, self-righteous, selfish, sinful and downright evil. But I am also saved by grace through faith by a merciful, loving, and graceful father. I am a sinner who is learning about the power of the Holy Spirit and the conviction of Christ Jesus. My heart has a week spot for the world, my hands can never stay still, my mind has attention deficit disorder and yet I continue to be transformed by my salvation through Jesus Christ my Saviour. And it is by this truth that I am defined – and He is enough for me.

There is more though… I am an avid reader, occasional runner, and food lover. I am a daughter, a high school teacher, a friend, an only child and i am filled with joy, determination, laughter, and a dash heap of sass. I have a heart and a passion for kids who have developmental and physical disabilities. My life has been greatly impacted by students, campers, and people alike, and I hope to one day impact others just as significantly as they have impacted me.

I want to be defined by my love for Christ and my love for others. My hope is that this blog will be a reflection of this love.


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