I have been wanting to write this post for a while, but have never found the time or will to sit down and write it. Three months ago, I was discouraged by the limited amount of interviews and prospects that I was receiving. Two months ago, I was amazed by His faithfulness and His constant provision. Today – I am overwhelmed.

On the first day of school, September 6th, I was unemployed and prayed that God would use the free time that I was anticipating fruitfully for His Glory. 2 hours later, I received a phone call for a job at a school for 11:30am that day. That job which was supposed to last 4 days, ended up lasting 4 weeks through a myriad of various events including a death, a fall, cracked teeth, and an allergic reaction.

On September 27th, when the job ended, I worked two supply days. On September 30th, the 2nd day of supply work, I received a call for an LTO that would last 3 weeks, teaching English Language Developing students math and science. What an incredibly humbling, rewarding, challenging and difficult experience. Those 3 weeks turned into 4, allowing me also to serve at Harvest University – something that I had committed to for a while.

Days before that job was ending, I interviewed for 2 different jobs. While serving at Harvest University, I turned down at least 3 week long supply opportunities and 2 interviews. I was scared that this decision to serve was unwise, especially with so many opportunities being thrown at me (it felt like spiritual warfare to me). But on the second day of serving at Harvest U, I received two phone calls, with two LTO job offers. God had provided again in abundance and allowed me to pick where I would serve Him next. I started a new job the day after I ended the last, on October 28th.

And here we are, on November 15th, with a job until at least mid-January. I am simply amazed that God has provided me with these opportunities. Overwhelmed by how He has faithfully provided. And yet part of me feels guilty because I underestimated the work of the Lord – I not only daily receive His grace, but in addition to that – His abundant blessings. I am grateful to have had these opportunities behind me. They were wonderful even with their challenges (and then some). I am currently in an amazing job until at least mid January. And while that might stress people out, I know that God will provide and if not He has a different, a better plan for me. Regardless of the job situation – His faithfulness knows no end.


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