Farewell Olympics.

The Rio Olympics 2016 are over today. As I say a short prayer, and even indulge in a moment of reflective silence, I say goodbye to the endless hours of entertainment, that could be found on 16 different livestreams the CBC website, allowing me to enjoy, any sport at any time, on any day. 

This is the first summer that I haven’t worked, and the first summer that I have limitless access to internet and to a television. And thus, the first summer, where I was able to finally enjoy the olympics in all of its glory. I watched young (Canadian) women swim for gold, feeling a little inadequate as my twenty six year old self sat in the glory of doom of pending unemployment. I watched as Degrasse and Bolt shared a loving look as they crossed the finish line in the 200m Mens semi-final, Rosie McClennan twist and fly in the air as she took the gold for trampoline, the first Singaporean ever to win a Gold medal (and a million dollars) and I also watched our Canadian divers as they missed the bronze by a hair.

I admit, I may have been guilty of skipping past some other international olympians, only to stop and cheer our Canadians on. Except when it came to Gymnastics, because when it all starts to look the same to you, why not just watch the best of the best, in other words the Americans and the Chinese, (If you do not know what I am talking about, go youtube Simon Biles, and thank me later). From synchronized swimming, to Synchronized diving, and when there was nothing else synchronized that I could watch, I watched everything else (minus soccer, rugby, horses, archery, and anything that involves fighting – you get the idea!)

As much as I love the Olympics, I also loathe the amount of money that is spent in preparation for the event, money that could be poured out into so many different and more beneficial areas. I wonder what is next for the olympians after they are past the prime age in their sport, was all the time spent training in vain, especially if they didn’t medal? I could delve more into whatever thoughts enter my mind, but what really stood out to me these Olympics were two American men: Steele Johnson and David Boudia.

After earning their silver medal, they gave glory not to themselves, but to Christ, stating that “Their identity is rooted in Christ, not in what the result of the competition is.” in an interview with NBC. What an incredible encouragement in the midst of competition, pressure, to show glory and praise to God. What a way to make the Lord known, than to broadcast it to millions of people across the nation. Not only did they please and praise the Lord with their words, but before the interview and in learning that they had learned they received the silver medal, they prayed with their coaches. Below is a screenshot of what was shown on CBC, various teams were happy and celebratory, but this American duo (with their coach shown below) rejoiced in the Lord through thanksgiving, worship and prayer. I was so encouraged by this, that I had to take a screen shot of it and share.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 9.35.34 AM

The Lord used two divers, to encourage many, and to glorify Him in front of the nations. Oh that the Lord be praised for livestreams and screenshots as well ; )

The closing ceremony airs tonight at 7pm. Not sure yet if I will be tuning in, mainly because it is never that great, and I’m in denial that it is over. In addition to this, I must also prepare for the for the Rio Paralympics 2016: opening ceremony – September 7th.

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