2. He is working

My dear beloved,

I continue to marvel and stand in awe of the incredible God we serve, my hope is that you too are amazed by His mystery. He is constantly reminding me of His grace, His anger, His wrath and His patience.  Lately, I have been encouraged by the way that He works, even before we can think of what we want, or know that it is what we want for ourselves.

Last Saturday, a friend of mine and I decided to fast on Wednesday. I was going to initiate a conversation with someone. I wanted to commit that conversation to Christ, that God’s will be done above all else, regardless of my desires or future plans. On Tuesday night, at 9:30, I received an email from him, telling me to come see him sometime tomorrow. Imagine my shock, but more so the peace – the peace that surpasses all understanding. What a confirmation, what initiation by Christ, what a reminder that He is working everything out for our good (Romans 8:28). God was working before I had even begun to fast, before I had begun to think to fast or think about having this conversation. God was working. God is working even when we may not see the fruit, or feel the effect of His work. Oh how God is working now, I will never know – but I trust that He is doing something good, something amazing!

I am comforted to know that He is working in every single part of my life – my job, my future missions trip, the girls in my youth group, the hearts of my students. And in this future relationship, this future marriage, this future union that will ultimately glorify Him. I know that He is working on our hearts and our relationship with Him. He is slowly sanctifying us, convicting us of our sin, and growing the love that we have for Him. He is working. I mentioned in a previous letter to you that the idea of you seems so far away, but to be honest, I don’t even know what to think anymore. Regardless of when the Lord wants to knit our lives together, I know that He is working in your heart and in mine. What a mighty God we serve – have I mentioned that I am excited to worship Him together?

Even though I may not yet know who you are, I am confident that He is working in us and on us right now.He is orchestrating something amazing, adding intricate details to a story that we cannot fathom or even dare imagine. He is writing those run on sentences that we will call our love story, and He is knitting something unique together that only we can call ours.

I am excited to know you, and I am excited to know Him together.


Your future wife.




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