Will you ask me to go out for coffee?

I remember when I first met you.  A friend had introduced us in the sanctuary, I was told about the movie, and you had also come back from serving with the Youth summer camp. You were still filled with joy from the conversations that you had with the youth, and the relationships that you had built with them over the span of just a couple of days. I added you on facebook, using the excuse that I would ask you about serving with youth later on… but never did. heh.

I do not know much about you but something about you continues to intrigue me. What is evident is your heart for Christ, your need and dependence on prayer portrayed by your prompt reminders to pray.Your facebook (yes I have scrolled a little) tell me about your passion and love for Jesus. Your sketchers shoes and timex watch tell me that  you live simply and not extravagantly, and you are more concerned with matters of the heart. You are gentle, yet effective, humble and yet confident in your leadership. You are friendly and kind, humorous and sociable and love to maintain and build relationships. I am intrigued,

Now I guess the question is, what is a girl to do? HA. Look beautiful and flutter my eyes?  Sure, I have nothing to lose by asking you out for coffee, though biblically, I believe that it should be the male pursuing. I don’t know you… yet, but I want to get to know you better because I see Christ in you. What I will do, and what I will continue to do is pray. Yesterday, I heard the Lord say to me “Let me be the one to place someone in your life.” And so that is what I will continue to do, wait & pray.

Girl can hope though. And… if you do happen to read this, will you ask me to go out for coffee?

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