Late Thursday night, I was drowning in a sea of tissues, with sounds of blowing trumpets and gasps of air occurring every ten seconds. I had a cold. So I threw on some vapour rub, put on the diffuser and laid in bed. I contemplated calling in the next day, but was too lazy to make lesson plans. I couldn’t think of anything else that I could do, other than be miserable. Then like a ton of bricks, I asked myself “Why haven’t I prayed yet?”

And so I did. I prayed for healing, to be able to go to work the next day, that I would have a good night sleep, and that I would be able to breathe. And within a matter of seconds, my breathing had improved. Within a matter of minutes, I had fallen asleep. Call it coincidence, call it science, or even call it medicine. But I know that it was Christ, I give credit to God & faith in Him.

My flesh hates prayer, and God knows the lesson that He has been trying to teach me could not be yelled any louder. A couple of months ago, I prayed that God would teach me how to rely on prayer, that He would make it necessary in my life. Looking back on these past couple of months, I see how the Lord has been reminding me and pushing me into pursuing Him, by learning how to pray. He has given me countless opportunities to pray in my workplace, which has been an incredible blessing, and an awesome opportunity for evangelism. I served in church this weekend, having to listen to an amazing sermon that convicted me about my prayer life… three times. God has given me the tools, He has laid out the path, the next steps are up to me.

I procrastinate prayer – a lot like I procrastinate exercise. Interesting how we always put aside the things that are the most beneficial for us. How can I claim to love and be in a relationship with Jesus, if I don’t talk to Him?

Daniel Henderson said during his sermon this week: “Praylessness is our declaration of independence from God.” To think that I am independent from God? Not something that I want to imagine.

Lord, help me to be dependent on you. 



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