My Beloved,

I am starting to get excited by the thought of you. I admit that for a while, you have been a thought in the distant future; someone I wasn’t ready for. It still feels daunting thinking about sharing my life with someone but today I got excited, and looked forward to the things that we would do together.

As I write this, I smile, because I can’t help but look forward to it. I want to worship with you. Worship in all kinds of forms, I want to be able to sing, praise, dance and jam with you. I want the Lord to be pleased with the love that we have for each other and more importantly, the love that we will have for Him. Worship is intimate for me, and as I sat in service today, there was this inexplainable joy in worshiping my Lord. And yet the thought of you beside me, as we worshipped together made me smile wider, picturing us worshiping & loving the Lord together. I am excited to be encouraged by the love that you have for Him, and the passion that you have for worship. We are but made to worship.

I am excited to serve with you. I think about the recent joys that serving has brought me – in junior fellowship, worship and other various ministries. God has presented me with unique opportunities that I didn’t know that I would enjoy. I look around the church, and I see couples serving together in different ministries, and couples taking on independent roles in the same ministry. I am looking forward to use the talents that God has given us to further serve Him and give glory to Him. It feels weird, to not know who you are, yet I am so excited to see what God is going to do!

I can’t wait to grow with you! I want to be able to study and read the word together. I want to talk about the work that God has done in each of our lives, and I look forward to grow closer to Christ as I grow closer to you. I think of when we will pray together, meditate & memorize the Word. I long for you to draw me closer to the Lord. I want to be challenged & led by you. I am praying for you, in hopes that you are praying for me too.

I feel a little silly, and even a little giddy. The reality of you seems so far away, and yet so close. I love that our relationship will be centred on Him, that we will be more in love with Christ than ever before, and that will drive our love for each other. Christ is going to do amazing things in our life – God only knows. I have no doubt, that we will be presented with our share of challenges, tragedies and trials… only to find that we will continue to praise Him. My heart smiles & is delighted at the thought of you.

With hope, love & excitement,

Your beloved.


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