hello, it’s me :)

You popped in my head last night as I was trying to sleep. I wasn’t sure when I last talked to you. Turns out, it was exactly a year ago, when I wished you a happy early birthday. This year you will be 25 on the 25th of November. So happy early birthday once again.

You don’t pop into my head often. But when you do,  I hope nothing but the best for you. The last time we talked you were considering looking for another job, but if I know you like I think I do – I think you are still working where you were. You had also recently moved out – not going to lie, I am envious of that. I hope that you have found your independence, responsibility and freedom, and are able to thrive no matter where you are. Confidence was never an issue for you, but I truly hope that you are filled with joy.

I don’t know if you realize how God has used you in my life. More often than not, you remind me of redemption, healing, and forgiveness of Christ. I remember when I sat in front of you and told you that I had forgiven you. That was the only time that I had ever told someone that I had truly forgiven them, and why. I often share the impact that you had in my life, and the push that it gave me to pursue my relationship with Christ, as opposed to a relationship with you. I remember when talking to you was the highlight of my day, and as I look back, I compare my identity then, to my identity now, in Christ. Through you, God has shown me how suffering can bring Him glory, and how we can rejoice, even in our sorrow. I had to draw further away from you, before I drew nearer to Christ.

When I am reminded to pray for the salvation of others, when I am told to write down names of people that I want to pray for, my first thought always goes to you. I remember praying diligently for your salvation – and back then it was selfish. But after our last painful conversation, and after what I thought would be our last exchange of emails, I still remember thinking that if God used me to plant a seed; and if one day you will come to know and believe in Christ, that it would have all been worth it. So yes – I continue to pray for you and your salvation – not as often as I would like to, but you continue to remain significant in my life – as part of my testimony and the work of Christ in my life.

If you are reading this, please know that I love you. Not in a romantic worldly way, but in a Christ-like and Godly way. Please also know that You are loved – not only by me, but by Christ, Jesus Christ – the one and only true son of God. Who has redeemed  and saved me, from my sin and condemnation, to a life filled with grace upon grace, eternal life,  and mercies unending, by His death and resurrection. He is the ultimate forgiver and the Only Saviour, and I truly hope that you will one day come to believe in Him, to know Him, and to Love Him, as He knows and loves us.

Until we meet again, please know – you are dearly loved.


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