Single & Ready to Mingle?


Single? Check.
Ready to Mingle? Errr.. not so much.

I love my job. I also love my co-workers, and naturally every friendship eventually gets to the point where you ask: “Are you seeing anyone?” “what’s your story?” etc. As stories are shared, and laughs are laughed, we finally get to me.

I never know what to say. I do NOT have anything to share. Others have funny stories, embarrassing experiences… juicy goodness? I have always been single – not always willingly, but I have never been embarrassed about my relationship status. I simply have nothing to share – nothing of thrill, excitement, humour, or entertainment. I do have a story of redemption, healing, forgiveness and pain- but I always find an excuse, or a fear to refrain from sharing that.

So YES – I am single. But I am NOT ready to mingle (whatever that means). I don’t know what I want. Perhaps it is the life stage that I am in right now. I haven’t entertained online dating – I am not against it, but not signing up just yet. I am not one to casually date around, or go clubbing or to bars to meet people. I don’t want to waste time looking or wondering.  Call me crazy – but I want God to use a marquee with flashing lights and an arrow that says “THIS IS THE ONE YOU WILL MARRY”… just so no time is wasted in the process.

I can think of three boys that I have truly had feelings for… perhaps they are the only ones I want to remember. I am currently at that point where every Christian, single, available guy I meet has question marks and possibilities beside them. But THEN I roll my eyes, and think… forget it, I don’t need unnecessary, confusing thoughts – a new friend is good enough for me.

I occasionally come across what I like to call “marriage envy” – When I witness the interactions and conversation of a married couple, tilt my head and think – I want that. Granted, I also come across “marriage shudder” – when I see people who are married and think… HOW? and NOT ME – EVER. Those passing feelings make me look up and wonder if a man is going to come down in a hot air balloon and make himself known, but a sigh of relief passes when I realize that there is no one there. Not yet, anyways. I know that my sovereign God has got it all figured out – I truly hope He makes the path blatantly obvious, I am not one for subtlety 😉 HA

Keep dreaming Sandra”. 


2 thoughts on “Single & Ready to Mingle?

  1. salomeroat says:

    I love how you are sharing your thoughts. God has a great plan for you. Just keep trusting in Jesus and keep falling in love with Him. At the right time God will bring someone very special to you. He did it for me, I’m sure He will do it for you! God bless you abundantly.

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  2. mel wong says:

    DUDE. FLASHING LIGHTS AND FIREWORKS HAPPEN. BELIEVE ME, YOU WERE THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED TO ME. In fact, we both believe that you were the breeze that fanned the flame.
    I like your mindset, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It was mine until that fateful day when God intervened 😛 I LOVE YOU and I know that whoever God provides you will love you EVEN MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE POSSIBLY CAN.
    This is not a “hang in there” message, nor is it a “do’n’t worry, one day it’ll happen” note. This is a “YOU GO GIRL” hug and a high-five to the freedom you’ve been given to relish in singleness and use this gift to continue serving God with your time.

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