I just finished watching The Drop Box. I have never been so encouraged by a couple and so confident of what God has purposed me for – working with people & children with special needs. Pastor Lee and his wife implemented the “baby box” where mothers who are incapable or inable of taking care of their child can put their baby in a safe place, and be taken care of as opposed to abandoned on the side of the street. It is no surprise that many of the babies who are abandoned have a disability, deformity or a severe medical condition.

Throughout the movie, the company that I was watching with kept saying how sad the lives of these kids were, how unfortunate, disadvantaged and broken they were. At one point, one person said that Pastor Lee’s son (who was non verbal, with a severe disability, and forever lying down) had a meaningless life. Meaningless. I was angry, upset, amazed that somebody could be so ignorant. And yet, I failed to understand that this is what many people think. Many people who see a diagnosis and simply that, and a person as their disability.

Over the years, I have been so encouraged to so blessed to know the people behind the disability. To laugh, build relationships, and love people for who they are and not their diagnosis. Their disability is a part of who they are, but it does not define them. Know the person, not their disability. Every day at school, I am encouraged, and blessed to see what my students are capable of, and be blown away daily by the people that they are able to be, and the milestones that they have overcome. Whether it is being able to regulate their own behaviour and emotions to something as simple as keeping their shoes on at school. I am encouraged by their ability to forgive and their willingness to learn. Even for those who are medically fragile, their life will NEVER be meaningless. An inability to walk, talk or communicate does not define a meaningless life. I have learned so much from those who seem like they are not capable of much – I have learned that there is joy in the little things, and they have the ability to influence many.

Pastor Lee’s Son, Eun-man, was non-verbal, unable to communicate, walk, or do anything independently. But his meaningful life was the motivation for Pastor Lee to love those with special needs and implement the Drop box. Pastor Lee and as a result, his ministry, have cared for many, saved 354 babies, and changed and encouraged millions of others. I believe in a God who is BIG, a God who is able to use disability, sickness, and brokenness to effect change, and give glory to Him. I believe in a purposeful God, who has a purpose for every single person, disability or not. I believe in a God who is sovereign, who has a plan and reason for it all. Every life is meaningful.

“God sent them to earth with their disabilities. They’re not the unnecessary ones. They teach people. They live with smiles on their faces.” – Pastor Lee (The Drop Box) 


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