This God.

This God – His way is perfect; The word of the Lord proves true; He is a shield for all those who take refuge in Him. For who is God, but the LORD? And who is a rock, except our God? – 2 Samuel 22:31-32

During my walk two days ago, this verse glared at me as if it were filled with sparkles and florescent light. This God – His way is perfect. This God. THIS. GOD – My God. His way is perfect.

This week has been nothing but a blur of goodness, with a mix of righteousness, a dash of His Sovereignty, all covered in His grace, with a spoonful of Holiness, a cup of love, a serving of the Gospel, and a lifetime of Joy. Training week was complete. How did I get here? I have had a full time teaching position for the last two months, and yet, the curriculum was complete, a staff manual was created, the training week was successful, the bible studies, arts & crafts planned, and the staff absolutely stellar. How is this possible? I know that I had invested heaps of time and effort into this ministry, but it didn’t feel like work, it felt effortless – it felt like God. It was GOD. There was a hand guiding me and pulling me along the way, a reminder that I am working for Christ, a state of rejuvenation that has kept me awake and working. This was God. Not by my strength, nor by my efforts had this week been successful. It was God. ALL HIM.

With training week completed, and this truth running through my mind, I stood grinning from ear to ear, heart happily thumping away as I watched my staff members lead their fellowship in worship with full blown actions. Their worship was genuine, their voices sang loud, and their actions were joyful and full of praise and worship to our Lord Almighty. As I looked around the room – high schoolers were all doing the actions along with them, not a care in the world that these actions may have been too childish or “lame”. They seemed happy to simply be worshipping the One True God, who I hope was pleased with our worship that night. After a few songs of worship, the leader, another staff member of mine, closes off in prayer: Thank you God that you are amazing and that we are able to worship you with JOY. And that was enough. That one sentence – as simple as it was, rang so true in my heart. That one sentence resonated with me that night, and still today. We need to thank Him for his awesomeness, and respond with joyful praise.

And now, here I lie on my bed, contemplating tomorrow. I anxiously wait for the “Sharing His Love” Free day camp that starts tomorrow. I can picture the 150 kids storming into a church, and here I am scared, fearful, and without direction. Am I supposed to be in charge? Am I supposed to know what is going on? But then I hear this truth. This God – His way is perfect.  He is GOD – and His way is PERFECT. He doesn’t need me. God doesn’t need me. But I am privileged to be able to serve Him – in fact He has chosen me to serve Him that I may bring Him glory in this manner. He could transform these 150 children without so much as a blink of an eye. Why am I scared? Why am I anxious? Why am I fearful? I shouldn’t be – because I believe in a sovereign and almighty God. There is none like Him, and He does NOT need me, but He wants  me. And so tomorrow I will faithfully serve Him and give Him my best – knowing that He is the ultimate authority and He is in control. Knowing that He will equip us to glorify Him and that He has placed us in this ministry for a reason. This God.

I need not fear because This God – His way is perfect. My God – His way is perfect. 


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