A long way up the gravel road and past the yellow gate,
Where various strangers meet in a small isolated place.
The rooster crows at morning and the horses neigh at dawn
The silence is always golden, but it doesn’t last for long.
The laughter and yelling as the feet run down the dock,
Life gets a little messy as the people become smocks.
The mountains make a peek, as the clouds begin to pass
A secret that is shared with a meaningful sideways glance.
Another feat accomplished with every rung that is climbed,
Friendships occur that wouldn’t happen at any other time.
Confidence is boosted as the players take the stage,
If only everyone could ever get the chance to be that brave.
Break any of the rules, then take a trip to court.
A t-shirt and thunderclap to get an extraordinary award.
Dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is there
But treasure this summer as something we all share.


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