nothing has changed, now that we are teacher candidates

1) when looking at our bald professor:

liz: sandra, when i look at our professor, i cant help but think that all of the hair on his arms should be on his head instead.

2) making groups for case study presentations:

Sarah: lets be team mathematics! since we all have math as teachables except LIZ (who is going to teach french)
LIZ: we are going to be l’EQUIPE MATHEMATIQUES.

i laughed so hard when she said that.

3) daniella cleaning up our mess on the table.

lauren: daniella why do you always need to clean up
daniella: l always want things clean, so im going to throw out all the garbage. Come on Sandra, let’s go
Sandra: -________-

(in case you didnt get that, she was implying that i was garbage)

4) MARTIN has a HAT/SCARF. its a HAT at the end of the SCARF. so basically you put ON the hat. and then you WRAP the scarf around. its ALL CONNECTED.

mind blown. 


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