my future husband

you are an amazing man, who loves God and and puts Him first in your life. You are actively pursuing the heart of God, and looking to grow deeper with Him each and every day. You are biblical and you reflect Jesus Christ in your actions, thoughts and your words. You are able to lead me spiritually, closer to our Lord God. 

Our relationship is founded on Jesus Christ, because His love is what binds us together. I will always love Him more than i love you, and You will love Him more than you will love me. We will continuously put Jesus Christ before anything in our relationship, and everything that we do will always glorify Him. 

You love worshipping God, and together we will worship him whole heartedly. The lord has given you so many talents, and you use them to glorify Him. You are musical, with a voice of an angel and amazing skills. together you and i will worship Him and bring glory to His name through our music. 

You are amazing with kids. You are patient and kind, and you see the good in everything. You love their innocence, and they are able to bring out your young side. you are childish, but in all the right ways. you love playing with toys and games, watching disney movies, and cheesy romantic comedies. You laugh at the simple things the way that i do, because we both find joy in the little things. 

Our relationship will be filled with laughter and smiles, with the occasional argument. we will fight over the little things, but with laughter and joy. the playful fighting that keeps the relationship healthy. You are competitive, but not too competitive, because so am I. We like a little friendly competition. Oh, and I will always win. 

You like reading, some of the same books, so that we can discuss and share. You love taking pictures, and exploring. you love the outdoors. but not the camping type, more like the lets go take a walk in the park, when the day is nice, and possibly swing on the swings. 

we can sit in comfortable silence. You understand me. You know my different laughs and my different smiles. you understand the way I think, and the way i need to be reassured. you understand my priorities and my youth. You know that the little things please me, and i laugh at just about everything (you are one of these things.) you arent afraid to make an idiot out of yourself if it means that it would make me smile. you know how to make me laugh, but you know when im being serious, and when silence is really just the best answer. 

You dont mind staying home, and relaxing by the television while we curl up reading, but we also like going to the zoo, bowling (even though i suck), and visiting the ROM. 

But really, you dont have to have all these things. Whoever God decides to place in my life, i know that it will be part of His ultimate plan for me. and there is a reason that you are in my life. For the one thing you dont have on the list above, there will be 12382910 more reasons that i will love you. 

Ultimately, we will laugh together, love together, and above all, praise and glorify Jesus Christ together. 

OH. but if God calls me to a life of singleness. then i am fine with that too. 


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