see you… whenever.

i realized today that i was so stoked for ECF on wednesday because i thought that i would get to see you. When you told me that you have class from 6-9 on wednesdays i didnt expect such a drastic feeling of disappointment. 

i wont be seeing you very often this semester. more like not at all. 

im going to miss knowing when im going to run into you, knowing that you are looking out for me the same time that im looking out for you.

im going to miss knowing when our hang outs are going to be, and looking forward to when i can expect a text from you.

im going to miss wednesday dinners, and arguing about where we should go.

im going to miss seeing you lead worship, and watching you interact with my friends.

im going to miss spending time with you on the ride home, which is approximately half an hour long, but it feels like nothing when i spend it talking with you.

but really, im just going to miss you in general.

bye friend. ill see you whenever.

i guess its good. this will give me a chance to get over you. to overcome the feelings that i have for you.

i left my feelings and the situation in Gods control. and im fine with anything that He decides to do.  


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