a new year

a new year. people are posting new years resolutions, excited about change, and a new beginning. and i guess its the same for me as well. i would love to try to keep my new years resolutions. that is the point after all isnt it?

i think the reason i failed to keep my resolutions in past years is because i tried to achieve these resolutions alone. but really without God i am nothing. without His strength, His word, and my faith in Him, what can i do. i also have to realize that i am not doing this just for me, but i am doing everything for the glory of God. 

so this year im not going to make a list of unrealistic new years resolutions. rather im going to commit a fast to the Lord. Fasting something that i think will not only allow me to live healthier but to also treat my body with respect, as it does not just belong to me, but also to my heavenly Father. 

This is my one (maybe two) resolution(s) that i am going to commit to the Lord. 

I am going to give up pop (soda) and potato chips for the year of 2012.

the thought came to me today, and in light of the new year, It is something that i am determined to do, and with God’s strength, and God’s grace, i know that He will grant me the strength, determination, and will to carry this onward for the rest of 2012. 

im going to commit the new year to the Lord. starting with tonight. i have the option of going to enoch’s: talking to people, and drinking a little. and yet the idea of spending time with the Lord, and committing the new year to him in prayer, is really appealing to me, and really what better way is there to start of the new year.

so despite the lack of company tonight, im going to spend time watching tv, reading some books, and spending time in the Word of God, and committing the new year to the Lord in prayer. 


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