a dream.

we have been friends for many years, yet only now i see
how you have changed over time, the man you are meant to be
i see you differently that i did before, your flaws are there no longer
things of this earth mean nothing to you, your faith has made you stronger.  

Your strength in God has grown and it is reflected in your heart
the closer that you grow to God, the less likely you are to part.
and yet now i start to see more clearly, you as more than just a friend
i see you more as permanent, as a partner until the end.

you make me laugh, you make me smile, you show me that you care
time in and time out, i can call on you, and i know that you will be there
you are the constant in my life, even though we don’t always talk
our friendship has been such a blessing, and in God we both will walk

Is it to late to realize that i have taken you for granted for all this time?
the more time that i spend with you, the more i want you to be mine.
your heart, your passion, your love for God somehow draws me to you
your humor, your voice, your talent, zombies, and magic cards too.

am i crazy to believe in this dream, in this friendship that we share?
that i want you to be by my side and know that you are always there
to lead me into righteousness with the Lord our God, and king
to Jesus Christ, the only Son, whom worship and praise we will bring.

and yet i sit here helpless, as these thoughts flow my mind
that its up to God to make this happen, within his perfect time
that i need to trust in Him completely, even if its not meant to be
that whoever He provides for me, has been planned perfectly

even if the plan is to remain single for the rest of my life
i need to trust God, that there is a reason i may not be a wife
yet still i hope one day that God’s plan for me is you
because then all the dreams of us, would probably come true.  


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