i dont want to over analyze anything any more.
i just want you to be you, and i want to be me.
i dont want to think about what you think of me, or if im good enough for you.

i simply want to let go and let God. 
i want him to bring me to my adam when it is appropriate in his eyes.
if this doesnt happen, i want to be okay with it.
i want to have peace with the plan that God has for me.
even if it means that i wont be with you
even if it means that i may be single all my life.
for the Lord has a plan for me, and it is perfect.

i need to trust in the Lord.
i need to humble myself before him.
I need to devote my entire life to him
my thoughts, my plans, my attitude, my future.

whatever happens next is up to Him.
I need to overanalyze what Jesus thinks of me, not what you think of me.

I need to put Him first in my life.
He should be the one on my thoughts. not you.

Let go. Let God.  


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