I was just going to post this on my tumblr. but of course the daily what got to it first. go figure. just posted this on facebook. 

This video is amazing. the song itself is pretty good, but this video is INSANE. made entirely out of frames, and out of jelly beans. over 288000 jelly beans and over 22 months to make it. it is simply a three minute video. 

kina grannis, your dedication amazes me. and the people working on it. they VOLUNTEERED. they must either have really good hearts, or just a crazy love for jelly beans. 


Stop-Motion Thing of the Day: The music video for “In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis, which utilizes over 288,000 jelly beans for its background, took 30 people only 1,357 hours across 22 months to complete.

I say “only” because I’m being sarcastic.


See Also: Behind the scenes.


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