this disgusts me. so much. i just cant wrap my mind around it. why? how can you live with yourself if you just saw her laying there? how do you see a child lying on the ground and run over her again? i dont know if this makes me angry or sad. but i feel repulsed and at this point i wish i could go back in time, fly to china and slap every person who walked by that day. 

no one deserves this. especially not a 2-year old girl who has yet to live her life at all and create her own memories. im not one to cry very often, and yet my eyes are watering as i write this. 

this disgusts me.


RIP: The two-year-old girl from Foshan, China, who was left for dead on the street after a double hit-and-run, has passed away.

The hospital where Yueyue had been under intensive care for the last seven days announced the sad news at a press briefing this morning.

CCTV footage showing over a dozen people ignoring the critically wounded toddler enraged the Chinese public, sparking heated discussions about morality and community. The topic remains a popular one on the country’s social networks.



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