day nine

two things that are making me smile lately.

1) Lord Jesus.

i’ve been spending more and more time in His word lately. And it has spoken to me in so many ways. I will hear a song, and it will give me the reassurance that i need, at the perfect time. Lately a verse or a song will pop into my head, and it will give me the encouraging words that will help take me out of the slump that i am in. Its crazy the change i see when i do my devos as opposed to when i dont – my day can change so drastically. I’ve been learning to rejoice in my sorrows, and to wait on the Lord. things that do not come easy to me especially because i am a very impatient person when it comes to waiting. Trusting in the Lord, and learning to be at peace with the decisions that He makes isnt easy, especially when things don’t go my way. Seeing God work wonders in my life has been joyous these past few weeks, and He is definitely a reason for why i smile.

2) Friends: m. wong, j. carvajal, m. quach, k. penrice, d. sawh, j. chung, c. ng, j. elmy

A new school year comes with new memories. i find myself just hanging out in the meeting place all the time, but yet i am having a blast. Watching youtube videos, laughing our butts off, people watching, reading banana posters again and again, studying, running towards each other from across the room, talking about everything under the sun, and of course eating CHILAY. bahaha. I dont think i have ever spent so much time in one space before. Come join us, bring a jacket, it can get CHILAY. sometimes i forget how funny i am. Late night garlic & cheese mashed potato making sleepovers for the win! Im loving this new year, the new laughs and the new friends <3.


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