the way God made you.

we have been friends for years, and somehow along the way i started seeing you for the way God made you, not the way that others perceive you. 

i dont recognize your glass eye anymore. i see it as part of who you are, not as something that i want to change. i see you as someone who has overcome the obstacles that God has placed in your life and using it for the Glory of Him. the only that bothers me now is that i cant tell if you are looking at me or at someone else haha.

i dont see you as feminin anymore. instead i see you as caring, loving, amazing, friendly, musical and sensitive. i love the way you break out into disney songs, and i love the jokes that you make. everything you say always brings a smile to my face. 

i dont see you as lazy, but just as lacking the right motivation. when i see how hard you have the potential to work, and why you do things for the Glory of God, i admire it, and i see that when you put your best in something you can do amazingly. You just need the right motivation.

over the past years i have stopped judging you as a friend, but i started loving you as one, accepting your faults and traits that i didnt quite like, but now i love them and i see them as part of who you are and as part of the way God made you. 


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