what a week.

its friday night and i couldnt be happier that its the weekend. 

i feel like this week, i’ve jumped into an entirely different world.

after two months of being in the secluded world of camp, then a week of pure relaxation, it feels extremely exhausting jumping back into the world of school, fellowship, and teaching all over again. 

school: lets just jump right back into everything, lectures, tutorials and all. oh yes lets not forget the fact that they really know how to suck all the money out of you. two of my textbooks almost added up to 300 dollars. math, french, psychology and education, oh how i really did not miss you.

the first week of school already brings assignments, homework, and readings. but what i love about it is saying hi to people in the hallways, seeing the familiar faces, and seeing people that we havent seen in four months. i never realized how many acquaintances and friends i have actually made until this week. the hugs, and the meet and greets, the inside jokes, and the warm welcomes, this is the only part i enjoy about the first week of school.

teaching: i wasnt looking forward to going back to it. and sometimes during the week i actually dread it. its a job after all. but when im teaching, the time goes by quite quickly and i find myself realizing that i actually love what i do, and i can do it in the long run, and i will. some parents really giving encouraging words, and when you hear that you are good at what you do, it just encourages you to keep doing it, and to do a better job while you’re at it.

juniors: today was simply exhausting. my voice is almost gone, and it felt weird jumping back into things again, and having to plan a welcome night. its a wonder how sam and joe did it by themsevles during the summer. i was hanging on just tonight. at some point during the night, i seem to feel discouraged, like someone else could be here right now, and be doing a much better job. its hard, its difficult and if this is anything like running an actual classroom, who knows what i have gotten myself into. but God has a plan right? he put me here for a reason, and im doing His work, not mine. so sometimes i just have to remind myself. its not about me. 

i hear you. im coming back again. its not about me. its all about you. 


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