VIVA LAS VEGAS! – the shopping!

i did not buy much in las vegas even though we had six days there. i bought more when i went to new york for three LOL. 

most of the stuff was pretty high end, so i couldnt afford anything, and i was too scared to look, especially with our street clothes. but the malls there were amazing!!!

they had cute little stores like this. katie this reminded me of you :). 

THE HARLEY DAVIDSON STORE!!! my dad wanted a picture even though he didnt go in. he is alot like me. he only wants to appear cool. HAHAHA. i joke. i am so cool, im ice cold 🙂

HUGE M & M store. i wanted to go in. only because everyone was carrying one of the bags and i wanted to see what was so great about it. but we didnt get the chance to.

This was inside the mall connected to the new hotel, the ARIA. i also really like that name. it is so empty because it was nine in the morning and none of the stores were open, but it was really pretty, but also really expensive.

THIS IS THE STUPIDEST MALL EVER. LEVEL THREE is the ground level and then as you get higher, the numbers DECREASE. its SO STUPID. because it messed me up SOOO MUCH. i went in circles only to find that you have to go to a different PATHWAY inorder to get to another part of the mall. it is so stupid i hate this mall. this mall is called THE FORUM SHOPS. stupid name too. UGH. some of the stuff was affordable some not so much. 

this is inside the hidden part of the mall. so stupid. i hate this mall. it is the same mall. it was realy pretty though but you do alot of walking in this mall so they put couches everywhere. and they are quite comfortable. also there are no windows or sunlight, so you feel like you are in your own little world, and you just lose track when you shop.

MICHAEL KORS. i really have not even walked into this store. i just took this picture for becca. becca this is for you 🙂

LOOK THESE BOYS ARE SO CUTE. they are matching anyways i wanted to take a picture of the aquarium, stupid reflection haha they had stingrays and all sorts of tropical fish in this tank. still in the stupid mall. 🙂

they had fountains and statues in this stupid mall. i gave it a new name. anyways these statues move and they look pretty realistic. there was music and water and steam and fire and they stand and sit and they have voices. it was pretty cool.

these ladies have one boob hanging out. this was the architecture inside the mall. pretty crazy. but pretty nice. 

this is inside the shoppes at the venetian. they give gondola rides around the mall. they even sing to you in a fake accent, and i find it annoying. the real gondola rides are where its at in venice. you need to go to actual venice. nothing beats venice. but considering this was a mall it was gorgeous. we didnt go into ANY stores in this mall cause it was CRAZY expensive and high end. it was connected to the palazzo. another gorgeous hotel. 

i thought this was a statue. i wanted to take money. then i realized it was a person. fail. i did not tip it. it was scary. i do not tip scary things. but you earn my respect. 🙂

they have shows for you. and this chick randomly picked a man from the audience who was decently hot. i wish i got a picture of his face. but this picture was for manny. i giggled when i thought of you manny HAHA. but yeah.

live singing, live instruments and live dancing. it got kinda boring after a while. but it was still pretty good considering it was in a mall and free. everything is better free.

now that is the place to go shopping. everything is so cheap. i bought more summer clothes from the outlets again. didnt really take pictures, i was too busy shopping. but they have posts that burst out cold water so that when you stand underneath its refreshing because it is SO HOT. 

we went to town square where they had a borders. i like book stores spent some time in there with some free wifi and their books. bought sarah dessen  books, i have always wanted to read her. for really cheap. three dollars each.

oh and we went to whole foods too. we were so sick of food at this point that we just bought a rotiserrie chicken and went to our hotel rooms to eat. HAHA 


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