VIVA LAS VEGAS! – the bellagio

The Bellagio

Do you remember watching that epic movie starring the infamous Brad Pitt and George Clooney? thats right the one where they robbed the Bellagio. well we stayed there. i was SO excited to hear that we would be staying in a hotel like that.  we stayed six days and five nights, and it was well worth it. it was HUMONGOUS, and like a museum in itself.

This is the ceiling in the lobby of the bellagio. it is goregous. it is flowers made out of glass. i would not want to be standing underneath that if they ever have an earthquake. just saying.

This is the area behind the check in counter. they have hot air balloons and fountains, and roses and its so pretty. and then they decided to stick an ANT in there. not so pretty. i hated it. i hate ants. but still pretty extravagant. 

they had an entire garden in the middle of the hotel. with sprinklers and that giant pot and butterflies and flowers, and it was all moving and stuff too. this pictures really does not do it justice because it was absolutely gorgeous. 

this is me with a snail made out of flowers. i quite like snails. not real ones though. just…. the non yucky ones. 

This is the same garden, but at night time. i really liked this garden.

check this out: this was a chocolate fountain. it went from the ceiling to the ground. it is done by some dude called jean phillipe who apparently is an amazing chcolate artist. but yeah. this is a crazy fountain. i stared at this fountain for such a long time. 

this is our room. it looks regular. but it was not. the beds are both queen size. my parents shared one, and i got the other all to myself. it was AMAZING. i could sleep in this bed ALL DAY LONG. the pillows were just AHHH so good. it also came with an ihome to charge my itouch. as jeff would say: WIGGED. 

we had a horrible view, but we had tv. I MISS TBS. remember channel 47 YEAH well i miss it. i woke up to saved by the bell each morning 🙂 the maid comes to clean the room TWICE A DAY. and she leaves chocolates when she cleans it up at night time. CHOCOLATES. yeah we got chocolates before we went to bed. BELGIUM CHOCOLATES. the service was spectacular.

also we dare not touch any of the treats or snacks that the room comes with. they all have weight sensors. so even if you lift something up, it will activate the weight sensor, and you will be charged like crazy. better not to touch anything at all.

i forgot to take a picture of the bathroom. but it had a tub AND a shower. BONUS. but only one sink. fail. it was the size of my first year dorm room. it was crazy. and my room at home is only a little bit larger than the washroom. it had a scale too so that you could weigh yourself. it was HUGE. i loved that washroom. i will miss it. ALSO the room came with a safe. pretty high tech. good job bellagio. you have good standards.

this is the pool area. we didnt really go down. it wasnt THAT nice, but it was pretty crowded. other hotels had better pools. 

this was me and my father infront of the bellagio. it was really nice. the water is so pretty. fake. but pretty. i liked it.

the bellagio has a fountain show every half an hour. and it plays a song and then the fountains kinda dance to that song. iT WAS SOO PRETTY. and we got a super good view the fountains went up really really high. it was so pretty

connected to the bellagio were other stores, and a whole mall. a high end mall though with things that i cannot afford, and also, do not want. i do not want these things because i cannot afford these things. makes sense right? anyways they also had huge conference rooms and of course the casino, which was huge, connected to it, but i didnt get good pictures of it. they also had random flower displays and 13 different restaurants. and the O theatre which i will talk about later. 

oh bellagio, how i love you. LOL. joking. kinda. but not really. best hotel i have ever stayed at for a decent period of time. 


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