inconsiderate idiots.

i might sound hateful in this post. its probably because i kind of am.

i just came from walmart, and the lady in front of us let us go ahead of her because she had 1283209 things to buy, and well, we only had one. that was really nice of her. we were quite thankful. 

meanwhile, there was a family on the lane to our right. they were holding a lane closed sign because after they purchased their things, the lane was going to close after them. family after family started lining up behind them, and even though they constantly looked back, seeing these people, they chose to remain silent and ignorant, and inconsiderate. 

UN FREAKING BELIEVABLE. are you kidding me. you know the lane is going to close, and yet you still allow people to waste their time lining up behind you. the people lining up clearly werent too bright, or didnt see the sign, so i approached them and mentioned that the line would close before them. its common courtesy. its polite. 

you live in CANADA. you are shopping at walmart. you have TWO CHILDREN. your english must be good enough for you to live in the country. so the least you can do be polite, be considerate, and inform others of the knowledge that you already have. dont turn your back, and stay silent. open your mouth, you have a voice, use it. dont be ignorant. if you were standing in that position, you wouldnt want to have waited that long, only to find out that you wouldnt be allowed to pay for your products. you’re a man, grow some. also, cut off that facial hair while your at it. and tell your wife to stop trying to look like south asian barbie. 

this seriously made me quite annoyed. can you tell? 


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