justin bieber.

why i like justin beiber 🙂 

1) hes talented. 
 there really is no doubt about it really. he has a good voice. his live performances are on key, not off tune like alot of other artists. hes good. thats why he got signed. 

2) he’s Canadian.
we must support a canadian artist right? GO CANADA!! hes from stratford ontario. hes from ONTARIO none the less. he may be cocky but at least hes not a cocky american.

3) he writes some of his own songs. 
he gains some respect for that. it makes him so much more legit when artists write their own songs. 

4) he’s not bad looking. 
okay i admit hes not UGLY. infact hes pretty cute for a kid his age. a little cocky. so he needs to be humbled but other than that. eh.

5) he has good songs.
maybe they are a little bit cheesy. but hey. i like cheesy. songs i like: one less lonely girl, love me, baby, somebody to love, U smile, never let you go, eenie meenie, overboard, never say never ft. jaden smith. 

yeah i like alot of this songs. i also am not picky with my music. but none the less, my hate for justin beiber has grown into like 🙂 


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