fifa beef.

my beef with televised soccer in general. i apologize if this offends you… actually i apologize if i know you, and like you and it offends you. 

i am not a sports fanatic. never have been, never will be. but given the occasion and the right company, i will glue my self to the tv for a certain game or tournament. however NEVER for soccer. 

hockey is fast and filled with action, tennis i love watching cause i understand it, the olympics in general are my favourite, heck i am not afraid to admit that i love watching curling.

soccer. really? lets kick the ball and hope it goes in. while i respect the sport, and any of my friends who play the sport, i really dont know why it is TELEVISED. it is SO BORING. it takes them forever to get to the other side of the field, even though they are probably running 100x faster than i could ever run. 

if there are hot guys playing, HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW. they hardly ever show a hot face. for the most part, they look like little ants running around the field. a goal is rare, which means the players are probably skilled, but where is the action?

the only thing i find mildly interesting is when they fall and collapse. and get carded. scratch that… when they get a RED card 🙂 and only then, it mildly catches my attention. 

it might possibly be that Canada sucks at this sport, and thus my patriotism and myself have abandoned it completely. if Canada had a decent enough team, i may feel ever so inclined to watch, but even that might be pushing it. 

i really dont understand how people watch this sport on television. 

live might be fun though. but give me ultimate frisbee and softball anyday. 


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