sweet dreams?

i love sleeping downstairs, its nice and cool. even cooler with the AC on, and the mattress is still downstairs from when the girls stayed over. the only thing i have a problem with is the lack of my stereo, and my radio.

anyways, last night i had the craziest dream. the WEIRDEST DREAM. with the most random people. ill do my best to explain? but it was pretty random. 

i was walking down the halls of glenforest, and i stepped into a classroom, and this classroom was like a prison visiting cell with the glass walls. but on the otherside of the glass there was NOTHING. no one. On the left side of me was pearl, on the other side of me was Danusha. and for some strange reason, danusha was trying to talk to Pearl/ask her out or something. but she just wouldnt have any of it.

so i realized i was late for the next class, and when i walked in, ms. thomas was there. my english and social sciences teacher from fairwind. and she started screaming at me like usual. i ran out in tears, and met up with MAYA. 

random right? anyways she helped calm me down, and meanwhile behind us her boyfriend was stalking us, trying to get her attention i believe. and then after a long day at school i went home, and logged on to msn, only to find that mike was professing his love for me on his msn name. LOL. yeah talk about random and completely unrealistic.

after that i got stung by a bee, and i woke up.

probably the most random dream i have had EVER. 


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