ultimate && dodgeball.

yesterday was crazy fun, probably the most fun that i’ve had in juniors.

got a ride yesterday with howard because he was nice enough to offer. it was awesome having both sam and howard there along with joe and myself. 

the weather was absolutely beautiful outside. so joe planned to take the kids out for some ultimate frisbee. not hardcore like the church league, but some fun with a styrofoam frisbee. it was pretty unfortunate that j tripped and hurt himself. but aside from that it was a pretty intense game, a pretty intense work out. and EVERYONE was involved, everyone had fun, all the kids were wellbehaved and it was SO MUCH FUN. i had an absolute blast. 

later on we played some ultimate dodgeball, also known as crazy ball. probably my favourite version of dodgeball. other than getting knocked in the FACE, it was quite enjoyable. really enjoyable actually. got hit by probably everyone once haha multiple times. on the other hand i got quite a number of people myself 🙂 crazy ball for the win ❤

it was absolutely amazing having sam and howard there tonight. it was sam’s first night with us, but the kids really drew to him, and he was so energetic. jeez i dont know where all his energy came from. it was soo good to have the help, the kids loved him, and his past experience with the camps that he has done didnt hurt either. Even though howard hasnt been there for awhile, he definitely came on the right night. his help was well needed, so hopefuly he will be there in the weeks to come. so grateful.



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