Tenth avenue north – beyond words. 

everyone has a song? well i know i have a song. the song when you are feeling down, or completely broken?. the song that has the words that will give me the strength to stand back up again. the song that gives me encouragement, and the reminder, that its not the end of the world, tomorrow is a new day. THAT song.

my current song is I’ll never walk alone – point of grace. it is THE song that i listen to whenever i need that pick me up. its a song where i can hear God’s voice telling me that everything is going to be okay, and He’s going to be with me every step of the way. this has been my song since.. oh i dont know, grade eight. the song that i play on repeat continuously when i feel the tears coming down. 

but this song, beyond words – Tenth Avenue North. this is song is superb. the lyrics are posted below, thanks to clarence. i felt the need to repost this song AGAIN to share some of my thoughts. it doenst explicitly say God, Jesus, Sacrifice, Cross, or anything religious. but i feel like this is the ultimate love song. even though its written by mike donehey i presume, i feel like words so strong, and words so true can only be from God. 

and honestly when im in the most pain, when there are tears and sadness, about anything really, about parents, friends, family, school, boys. i call on God’s name. i recall sometimes where i just called on his name over and over again, while bursting out in tears. other times i recall praying silently, alone, and listening to his calming, loving voice. cause honestly thats all i need. no one else knows how i am feeling, no one else understands. and no one is constant. this song says it all. in this song, God says it all. 

while i am quite content with my current song. this song is pulling in close. i can hear God’s voice in it, i can feel His love and His love is like no other. 

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