i’ve been through my fair share of arguments, problems, fights, and friendships that ended badly. even though friendships, love, relationships etc are all a two way relationship, i really cant blame anyone but myself. 

life is full of choices, i can choose to act in certain ways, i can choose to do certain things, i decide who i want to talk to and who i dont want to talk to.

if i had put my pride aside and apologized, imagine the outcome.
if i had decided to take the first step and initiate conversation.
if i want to say yes to the hangouts i thought would have been awkward.
if i decided to be vulnerable instead of closed off and silent.

easier said than done. 

its easier to shut people out than to let people in.
its easier to stay silent than to talk.
its easier to be comfortable than take a chance.
its just easier.

over the years i’ve learned that sometimes its too late.
but sometimes time is good, we forget what happened, and our tempers cool, giving us a chance to start again.

if i initiate something, and it isnt reciprocated, try again. if its still not reciprocated try one last time. not only is it my choice, but its theirs too. not everything works out. but it doesnt hurt to try. no regrets.

i’ve also learned that its a two way street. if another initiates, and no effort is made back on my part, losing that person is easy. simple really, it takes no effort at all. 

friendships are full of compromises. make them.


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