summer 2010

two months: may && june.

– students recital sat apr 24th
– epic weekend with katie && christina friday apr 23rd
– the last song with wendy
– new york – CONFIRMED april 28th – 30th
– hanging with hiroko when she comes back from ottawa
– helaine kee is back: april 30th –  may 9th?
– a weekend in ottawa sometime in may.
– watch prison break, big bang theory, boys before flowers 🙂
– wonderland at least once this summer before i leave.
– lunch with penny hopefully.
– weekend in barrie for katies birthday – may 29th
– first aid, and cpr recertification.
– attain a filing cabinet or something of that sort.
– hanging out with the following people: emmanuela, becca, mike, matt, shiromi, pearl, jaclyn, lakshman, wynter, andrew && whomever
– get a disgusting flip flop tan.
–  have fun, waste time, be productive, all in one.
– whatever else happens to come my way. 

summer 2010, i am SO READY. bring. it. on. 


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