i seriously miss this kid.

i have the hugest smile on my face right now. HES BACK! from malta (where this brainiac schools for free). i dont even know how i am still friends with the guy. i think we webcammed once last year. msn converastions here and there. i definitely miss the random walks to the park, or having him wait across the road. seriously this kid. when i think of him, all i can do is smile, shake my head, and laugh at our high school days. and all his drama.

we have had so many random times together, and its one of those friendships where you can actually talk once a year, and know that everything is going to be alright.

Andrew Galea February 27 at 3:21pm hey im back, msg me when we can talk. drew

so we are meeting up today:) catching up. what a great start to the weekend. he doesnt seem to have wonderful things to share. but i can turn any frown upside down. HAHA. it will be good to catch up with him again!!!.


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