: )

one. the most spontaneous meetup happening today with bq. haha. we usually take forever to make a decision, so we were in record time.

two. helaine is going to be in sauga. WHAT? yeah. get to see her today. havent seen her in what seems like forever.

three. it is reading week, seriously why wouldnt i be smiling

four. there is no juniors tonight. i feel quite happy about this. it is a well needed break indeed.

five. THE OLYMPICS is tonight. seriously why is NOBODY ELSE EXCITED. i am going to be rocking the sweater and the mitts. GO CANADA!. i am so freaking excited.

six. i have found a new love for talking on the phone. who would of thought. ME! of all people. LOL.

seven. while meeting new people in ctep class, they always go, “werent you in MAT242, and MAT 232.”. why yes i was, how do they know that, I HAVE NO IDEA. i have never seen their faces before EVER. at first i thought it was because i am popular, but au contraire, i am not popular, i am just LOUD.

eight. my friends are absolutely amazing. <3.

nine. my 300th post on TUMBLR. also, my xanga started sending me my subscriptions again… i think it is jealous. that is all


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