frustration. i have to play piano for the choir on sunday. this particular piece is full of chords and octaves, that i am trying to get my way around. oh did i mention that this is in D FLAT major. five freaking flats. i hate flats. sharps i can do. flats frustrate me.

i hate this song. i hate practising. NOT IN A GOOD MOOD. i wouldnt mind it if i could play it wonderfully. BUT I CANT. and i HATE THIS. i hate performing. i get nervous. especially being an accompany to a choir, WHO IS SINGING IN A LANGUAGE I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. gosh. afsjdklfasjfsla;jf

FRUSTRATION. i keep making mistakes. and i am still playing this stupid song at a snail’s pace. i hate flats. i hate hate hate hate flats. i shouldnt be serving GOd in this way, honestly my heart isnt in this at all.

when i see a the phone number pop out on caller display i SIGH. ARGH. not looking forward to tonight.. NOT AT ALL.


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