Sandra got wireless in class on her itouch. This makes me very happy even though this class is basically killing me. Mike spina is in this class with me. Yes girls be very jealous.

day six. *sigh i guess this is harder than expected. especially when sometimes i get signed on just randomly. i have been able to spend alot of time with God lately. maybe not .. ALOT. but alot more than usual. i have been reading through the gospel of matthew, and definitely praying more than one or two minutes a day. i find myself talking to God whenever i feel like it. whenever i have free time, and i have really felt the difference.

i felt compelled yesterday to pray for someone, mike tran in particular. and it was weird. even though i havent talked to him in a while, his name popped up in my head, and it wasnt out of selfishness or contempt. it was more because i felt compelled to. it was such a weird feeling, and such a weird process, but i prayed that he would be blessed, and come to know the Lord. to be able to feel the embrace of God’s never-ending love. and it gave me peace to be able to do that. and i dont know what compelled me to pray for him, or why his name suddenly popped into my mind. but i felt like God was really listening, like He was nodding his head, as he understood what i was trying to say.

i also felt compelled to blog about it. LOL. šŸ™‚


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