i feel, i know, i need.

i feel like writing.
i feel like im filled with something, but i dont know what
i feel like i need to vent, talk, scream, dance, or sing.
i feel like i should be more mature, more deep, and more… something
i feel like i should talk to you, but i also really dont want to
i feel like giving up, and just letting go

i know that i can work harder than this
i know that if i really wanted to, i can be the person i want to be
i know the people who care for me, and i am so grateful for them
i know that sometimes im not the greatest friend, but that sometimes i am
i know that God is there for me
i know also that i dont turn to him enough, i dont love him… enough.

i need to become somebody that i am proud of
i need to turn to God.. everyday, without fail
i need to love, and to know Him more.
i need to stop dwelling on the past
i need to think more about today, and about the future.
i need to work harder, and put in more effort in anything that i do
i need to serve with a whole heart, not just half
i need to learn how to stop complaining, and be happy with the way things are.
i need to change… for the better.

– Sandra Goh <3.

i feel like procrastinating
i know that i am procrastinating
i need to NOT procrastinate.

*sigh… exams.


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