so this is what it is like…

… to be surrounded by amazing people

i had the most amazing birthday yesterday

from the text messages, to people calling me, emailing me, writing me poems, hanging out with me all day, praying with me, and putting up with me for well nineteen years. i feel old, only one more year until twenty.

the blind side = an amazing movie, i recommend this movie to everybody. something about this movie, it is deep and in some way profound, it is absolutely hilarious, and it is based on a true story.

my friends = amazing. from shopping for ridiculous things at dollarama, eating at mandarin, roadtripping to dundas (the town) again, singing tunes loudly in the car, laughing until we cant laugh anymore, taking ridonculous pictures with purple, pink and blue hair. putting sparkles on our eyes, and re-sewing legwarmers, eating left over cake, crazy driving, merging our faces together to make future babies, sleeping over, talking until the day is over, the thought of surprising me at my house on my birthday, telling me i look weird when i feel like i am perfectly normal. Everything about yesterday was amazing.

i love you guys to death for being able to celebrate with me: jennifer elmy, katie penrice, kristin smith, wendy mendillo ❤

and of course my mains: helaine kee, hiroko m, pearl chung, wynter liu, jaclyn kuo: for years past, and for many to come. i love you guys. and to everyone else that i have missed.


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