ok so i dont take credit for this photograph. i wouldnt want to take credit for this photograph. because i would never take a picture of this.  it may be a nice picture maybe if the post it said something else however. i mean REALLY? the eff word, used here as a noun, a verb and an adjective. i wonder who came up with the eff word really. how old it is. when it came to be, and why it is a cuss word or a swear word to begin with. but what meaning does it have today? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. its used so often, to describe so many things, in just normal day language. yes it is used more when people or mad, but people use it anyways, as a verb as an adjective as a noun. it has just lost its meaning, and all its significance. what is it supposed to mean as a noun? as an ADJECTIVE. we all know it means as a verb, but come on people be creative. stop being the same word over and over and over again. surely our human brains are capable of more. – Sandra goh.


thelovelybones:(via tiresome)

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