reassuring words.

i have had so many days where i start to question.. what the heck am i doing in school, learning math, and getting all the questions wrong. WHY AM I HERE? what am i doing, am i even going to benefit from this? what is the point?

i have come to a point, where all i have to do is trust in the Lord, no matter what. but even though i do, and most of the times i try so hard to know that everything is going to work out. i always have my doubts, and my questions. but even though i do, God seems to always win in the end, he always seems to give me small encouraging and reassuring words that help me get through the day, and reassure me that i am on the right path, and following the road that God has set out for me.

On friday, it was bible study night with the junior fellowship. in the midst of all the chattering and whispering, we were actually able to get some conversation in. we talked about our talents and how we could use them to serve God. when i tried to share my talent, beata went ahead and said, “Sandra, i think God gave you the natural gift of leadership”. To hear her say that was absolutely incredible. and entirely encouraging. as young as she is.

Today i was also teaching robyn, a girl in grade five, who has been learning piano. and it is definitely hard to be patient with her. she doesnt try too hard, but she does have potential, but after a half hour lesson, of the slowest piano on earth. her mom said that i was a great teacher. and of course i beamed with pride

it was encouraging to hear that, and reassuring to know that im good at it. good at what i want to do for the rest of my life. it helps when God gives you a nudge from behind, encouraging you to just keep moving forward.


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