selfish much.

my girls joined nathanaels group today and we watched veggietales, the episode was about king george and his duckies. it was about selfishness. somehow when stories re-enacted my talking vegetables its just so much easier to understand. after watching the movie i had a talk with my girls who have the attention span of about 3 minutes. of course they gave answers that only they were capable of, sharing their toys, being kind to others. Sharing these answers and discussing about selfishness is so much easier than practising how to be unselfish.

i have been so ultimately blessed by the people in my life, by my friends at school, and especially my friends at church and of course my family. and how much of this comes from self sacrifice, and their own selflessness. Something as small as having eugene and auntie carmen rub my bruise today, or even having victoria share one of the disgusting snacks she made, jeff gave me a ride home today, pearl, jeffrey and many others have gone out of their way multiple times, and of course who can forget helaine who has been giving me rides for the past three years? and for that i am eternally grateful.

it astounds me thinking about how selfless and how caring these people are, but at the same time it doesnt surprise me. but then being the selfish person i am, i end up thinking about myself again. what have i done for them? what selfless act have i done. last week our softball team asked us what was one nice thing that we have done for someone else, and i couldnt think of anything. it shouldnt have been so hard.

so this is my challenge. to think of others before myself. to be selfless instead of selfish. to put the needs of other before my own. to go out of my way for someone else who needs help.

lets see how far i get with this.


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