my little sister?

there is a girl at camp who gives me hope, who makes me smile, and who is so innocent that everything she says just makes me laugh. i was her counsellor last year and since then we have gotten close, i have been able to connect with her in so many ways. i love her so much. seriously words cannot describe. the years in between dont matter, but in some odd way they do. she looks up to me, but i also look up to her. i influence her, but i feel like sometimes she influences me so much more.

seriously victoria is her own person. shes not afraid to tell other what she feels, shes honest and innocent, shes easily pleased and shes proud of who she is. shes adopted, and not only does she receive love but she gives plenty. i love her like i would love a little sister, like i would love my family. i started teaching her piano recently, and i also asked her mom if i could take her out monthly just so that we could hang out, oustide of church and outside of camp.

i want to be a rolemodel for her, but there are so many qualities that i envy in her as well. her innocence, and her love for others and for herself are just two.

sandra: how old are you victoria?
victoria: 12
sandra: ohh so what year were you born in?
sandra: but that must mean you are thirteen because your birthday already passed
victoria: im a rat not an ox (referring to the chinese zodiac)
sandra: huh wait what? are you 12? or 13?
victoria: twelve
sandra: but you said you were born in 1996
victoria: YEAH
sandra: errrrr.
victoria: OH YEAH i was born in 1997

sandra: victoria you are so forgetful, im surprised you still have your pink scrunchie
victoria: HUH? what pink scrunchine? (she wears it EVERYDAY)
sandra: the one you always wear
victoria: OH YEAH that one. wait? WHERE IS IT. OMG I LOST IT!!!
sandra: -______- its in your hair.
victoria: oh yeah  *innocent laugh*


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