is God half man and half woman?

i have the younger kids this year. Lisa has talked about switching the groups, but i really dont want to. as annoying as these girls are, and as hard as they are to love sometimes, i do love them. one thing that has been on my mind is outreach. not just talking about the bible story, but talking about faith, even though my girls are only five, six and seven years old.

yesterday i talked about  jesus, and about God. its different talking to such young girls as opposed to talking to the grades six and sevens. its hard to grasp such a mind around the idea of God. soon enough i got questions like can God protect us from a bear? or can God climb the CN tower? Can God rescue someone from a burning fire? It is definitely interesting listening to them ask questions.  because even though we were having fun, there were times when they really did want to know what the answer was. i soon had to bust out the song…

“my God is so BIG, so STRONG and so MIGHTY,
there is NOTHING my God cannot do.”

jamie is a girl whose parents do not believe in the Lord. but she does, and i feel like God wants me outreach to her, and i feel like hes put me here to help her learn more even if she doesnt go all the way to accepting him into her heart. as a group we talked about who God is. is he a person? is he a ghost? questions that i tried to answer. but answers that are hard for their simple minds to grasp. at one point jamie asked me if God was half man and half woman. it definitely is a challenge to talk to them. and to inform them. and its hard for me to remind myself that its not MY words, its Gods words. its not my work, but its HIm working through me.

theres so much more that i want to say. its only 1050. and i feel like my eyes are going to close any second.


i like knowing that this blog is MINE. that i can write whatever whenever. i like not knowing how many people read this, or who reads this. i like that i can write what i want to write.


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