pray until something happens.

its been a tough summer so far. its had its ups and its downs for sure.
i stopped wearing my cross necklace, cause it fell off and i was too lazy to put it back on, but in replacement i started wearing my bracelets. FROG – forever rely on God, and i really want one that says PUSH = pray until something happens. i feel like it reminds me that im living for God, wherever i go He is there with me.

as different and as challenging as this summer is compared to the last, i feel like im benefiting more from it. im learning to grow. im learning to rely on God through everything. that this camp is entirely for him. today abby burst out into tears, the kids werent treating her with respect and i know exactly what she feels like. i remember bursting into tears more than a couple of times last year. i think i surprised myself when i brought up prayer. and i suggested praying before we continue on with the rest of the day.

sometimes it blows my mind. but most of the time i fail to realize how powerful prayer actually is. i told everyone to pray for my g2 test just yesterday. and prayer worked, i passed. even though mid way through my parallel parking i definitely thought that i was for sure going to fail. not to mention that i was going to slow.

i pray for strength everyday. and i have yet to fall asleep on my kids.
i was looking for my grade 12 report card for my insurance. and looking through my rroom and all my folders i found my grade 9, 10. and 11 reportcards. after telling God that i needed my grade 12 report card i found it in less than five minutes.

no matter how smalll or insignificant, im beginning to learn that i should and can pray about anything, whenever for whatever. you may not believe prayer, whats the difference between a coincidence and a prayer being answered? i think its just faith. faith in something bigger. in something more awesome, and tell me waht is more awesome than God? but im still learning. i hardly know anything, about the God that i claimed to know for so long. and im excited. but its not going to be easy. im looking forward to it.


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