slowly but surely things are changing.

abby – my  new friend 🙂 LOL. we definitely get along really well. it will be fun hanging out with her this summer, and getting to know her better.

i love my group. the boys – ryan and gabriel are absolutely spectacular. they know how to wipe a huge smile on my face. their intelligence blows my mind. the girls – gianna, victoria, and joanna. well lets just say its a challenge.

i definitely miss my older group. i love talking to victoria, i feel like shes my younger sister sometimes. i love hanging out with heidi and shelly. ryan, that young boy has turned into a MAN. lol. and lets face it i just miss making fun of ben and josh, the unlikely pair of friends.

staff dynamic is definitely not there. we are hardly friends. more like acquaintances. but things are changing we are talking more, developping inside jokes maybe?

devos are becoming more regular. i want to make them habit. it feels good. im excited. im excited to grow. and im excited to change. i dont think i;ve felt this way before. i like this feeling.

these next few weeks should be interesting.


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