i hate to say it but i love this family. i feel like i know them. for the other billion people who think the same way, when they say that type of thing, in my own mind, im thinking, you dont know them, I KNOW THEM. lol. its sad really.

i’ve been tuning in ever since leah said “hannah pooped! hannah pooped in hannahs unnawears!” i’ve become attached to hannah’s domineering personality, the petiteness and cuteness of leah, the exuberant and outgoing attitude of alexis, colin’s big head, aiden’s repetitiveness, and joel’s attachment to jon, and just his overall cuteness. even cara, with her love of sports, and maddie, the diva have a special place in my heart. as CHEESY as that may sound.

i personally love jon. haha is it wrong that i find him SOOO attractive? the way he just IS lol. its soo sad my obsession and my “love” for this family. it breaks my heart seeing the family as it is now. in the first few episodes they showed the family going to church, with such a strong faith and will in God. And for them to go down this road is just extremely unfortunate.

But then again, who are we to judge? They chose what they thought was the best for their family, and for their kids. As outsiders peering in for their half hour shows, we basically know nothing. who is to say that their faith isnt strong, and maybe they tried hard, and really cant go back. we have no idea how hard it is for them to have cameras on them twenty four seven, to have no privacy, and to have to put on a smile, and a mask everysingle time they leave their front door. it cant be easy having your private life displayed for all to see, and judge.

i love this family just as much as the next TLC viewer. and it saddens me to see them have to go down this path, i guess i can only hope tha they will be able to work this out, either during the process of divorce or even after it. but to see a couple who loved each other so much, and watch them now with eight kids and see them go their separate ways seriously brings tears to my eyes.

i really really hope them the best. and i pray that their kids will grow up in love, no matter what happens to their parents.

i hate how i love this family so freaking much<3.

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