what happened.

what happened to the child inside of me? what happened to my adventurous spirit and my permanent smile?

when i started neverjustasmile (www.xanga.com/neverjustasmile) i wanted it to be private, i remember writing about my deepest thoughts, and my darkest secrets, i wanted my faith to grow and most of all i wanted to be a change, i wanted to make a change and i wanted to change myself. but looking back i dont see a difference.

i miss the person who used to smile and laugh at everything. i miss the girl who had a close relationship with her Saviour. i miss being me. i miss the person i was. looking at myself in the mirror im not happy with the person that i have become, superficial, selfish and unpleasant. but i know that i am going to love the person that i will become. i promise myself this.

change is now.



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